Lyme disease, the symptoms of Lyme disease and Lyme disease treatments are discussed in this site. Beating Lyme disease is of course the goal and the natural, alternative treatments you will find here will help on many levels. The natural therapies that follow are rooted in naturopathic medicine. While antibiotics may be a good initial option for many with Lyme disease, it is beneficial to have other natural and alternative therapies in place to help the process. Alternative treatments for Lyme disease are especially important as part of a primary treatment plan after discontinuing antibiotics. There will be those of you, like myself, who choose not to treat your Lyme disease with antibiotics and will instead use herbs and natural treatments to deal with the symptoms of Lyme disease and hopefully regain your life as it was. Whichever course you choose, I hope you will find useful information and therapies in this site.

Hello, my name is Robert Myers. I am a naturopathic doctor and have had chronic Lyme disease (see bio if you would like more of my story).

I created this site to give you information and access to natural therapies you might not otherwise have available to you for the treatment of a diagnosed or suspected case of Lyme disease. Many of these natural therapies are good adjunct treatments for any chronic disease, especially those diseases involving the nervous system.

The main focus of the technical information will be on Lyme disease though you may or may not know that the symptoms associated with an infection from the organism Borrelia b. (Bb), the infectious organism associated with Lyme disease, can be very similar to those associated with mold neurotoxicosis, heavy metal poisoning, chemical poisoning or any one of a number of other conditions.

If you know you have Lyme disease and are experiencing the symptoms of Lyme disease, I’m sorry for you, having seen the level of debility that can result. Coping with Lyme disease is a life changing experience.

Whatever Lyme disease treatment you choose to eradicate the organism, Bb, it is imperative that you protect and treat your nervous system, primarily, and your heart. If you are having symptoms it is very likely some of them are nervous system or cardiac in origin. Allopathic, MD, medicine has very little to offer when it comes to nurturing and rebuilding the tissues of the body. Naturopathic medicine, on the other hand, has at its core the use of natural therapies, herbs and supplements which aid the body’s tissues, organs and systems in dealing with chronic disease. The stage of the disease you are in will in part determine your best course of treatment.

My first recommendation to you is that you try to find a doctor in your area who understands Lyme disease, the symptoms of Lyme disease and is enough of an eclectic practitioner to be able to help you develop the best combination of alternative therapies for your Lyme disease treatment program. I realize you may live in an area where naturopathic doctors are unavailable and holistically minded M.D.s may be difficult to locate. You may have to develop a medical relationship with more than one physician to meet your needs.

I will not go into great detail about the pathology of Lyme disease, there are many references with that information. Nor will I discuss the traditional allopathic, i.e. antibiotic, treatment for Lyme disease (again there is a lot of good information available on this topic). What will be presented on this site are natural therapies, many of which you can implement yourself at home, lifestyle changes which are designed to make your body less of a good host and information, with rationale, about the use of botanical and nutritional medicines.

“Thanks to Dr. Myers’ herbal treatment for Lyme Disease, I now have my life back!  I am once again able to stay focused, the ‘brain fog’ is no longer a constant companion.
The bouts of muscle fatigue and chronic pain have greatly decreased in intensity, which in turn means a shorter recovery time.  I feel we have the disease under control and it no longer controls my life. ”
Annette M.

Understand that for most of us there will be no easy time of it in our treatment of Lyme disease and the symptoms of Lyme disease. It will most likely be a long and difficult journey but a rewarding one none the less. Also, there are many physicians doing good work and helping people recover from Lyme disease. My approach is but one of many and since the best treatment seems to be a multifaceted one, there are many common aspects of our treatment plans.

I encourage you to read what follows in this site as it will give you knowledge, about Bb, your body and how to help it in beating Lyme disease and natural therapies and supplements that will enhance your body’s systems.



Robert M. Myers, N.D.